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The District is governed by a board of five directors who serve staggered terms.  The members of the Board of Directors of the District as well as their term expiration dates are shown below.

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  2022 Directors Election - Call For Nominations

  Mark Hoover - Treasurer
Term Expires May 2025
  Mike Mojica - Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Term Expires May 2023
  Troy Burley - Assistant Secretary/Treasurer
Term Expires May 2023
    Kimberly Nuttall -
Term Expires May 2025
    Christopher Sellers -
Term Expires May 2025
  Policies or Resolutions    
  Regular Election - May 3, 2022    
  Device Purchase and Replacement Policy    
  Notice of Public Meetings Online    
  Conflict of Interest and Contracting Rules (2013)    
  Public Record Policy      
  November 17, 2015  The Board accepts a 2015 Award from the Colorado Storm Water Managers Association for participation in the Creekquest project in the Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park with Arapahoe County, SEMSWA, UDFCD and other entities.  Left to Right: Mark Hoover, Don Leyn, Bill Lamberton, Mike Mojica and Kevin Pettway.  
  October 20, 2015  The Board recognizes retiring Board member, Clint Waldron, Vice President, 2008-2015, at the October 20, 2015 Board Meeting.  Left to Right: Directors Mark Hoover, Clint Waldron, Bill Lamberton and Kevin Pettway.  
  November 18, 2014  The board accepts the 2013 Honor Award for Outstanding Achievement for the Cherry Creek Stream Reclamation Project from Ken Cecil, Colorado Association of Flood and Storm Water Managers at the November 18, 2014 Board Meeting.  Left to right: Directors Mark Hoover Clint Waldron Bill Lamberton, presenter Ken Cecil and Director Kevin Pettway.  
  May 20, 2014  The PJMD board presents a commemorative plaque to former President Norman Sheldon who served on the District Board from 1985-2014 and President since 1990, at the May 20 Board meeting.   Left to right: Don Leyn, Bill Lamberton, Norman Sheldon, Clint Waldron, Mark Hoover and Kevin Pettway.  
  May 20, 2014  Norman Sheldon uses his commemorative President's gavel presented by the Board to bring order to his last Board meeting. At the May 20 Board meeting. Left to right: Don Leyn, Bill Lamberton, Norman Sheldon, Clint Waldron, Mark Hoover and Kevin Pettway.  
  May 20, 2014  Brenda Sheldon, Norman's wife and Dan Sheldon, Norman's son, celebrate his 29 years of service to the District. At the May 20 Board meeting. Left to right: Brenda Sheldon, Norman Sheldon and Dan Sheldon.  
  May 14, 2013 - The Board recognizes the accomplishments of Vice President Michael Cornelsen (2011-13) at the May 14 Board meeting as he resigns from the Board in conjunction with a new job. Director Cal Lennon (2012-13) also resigned from the Board at this meeting due to a new job and was similarly recognized. He was unable to attend the meeting. Left to right – Director Bill Lamberton, Michael Cornelsen, Director Clint Waldron and President Norman Sheldon.  
  March 19, 2013 - Susan Brown, Valerian LLC, Landscape Architect for the district, presents the 2012 APWA award to the PJMD Board for the PJCOS interactive kiosk at the March 19, 2013 board meeting.  Pictured (L-R): Mike Cornelsen, Bill Lamberton, Norman Sheldon, Susan Brown, Cal Lennon and Clint Waldron.  
  August 4, 2012 – Board of Directors accept their appreciation plaques for their work on the Parker Jordan Metropolitan District Centennial Open Space from 2009-2012.  Pictured (L-R): Parker Jordan Metropolitan District Board Members Norman Sheldon, Mike Cornelsen, Bill Lamberton, Cal Lennon and Clint Waldron.  
  March 20, 2012 Board Meeting  Pictured (L-R):  Michael Cornelsen, Matt Ruhland, Dianne Miller, Bill Lamberton, Clint Waldron and Norman Sheldon.  Celebration of Miller and Associates 12 years of service to the District.  
  April 14, 2011 Board Meeting  Pictured (L-R):  Norman Sheldon, Don Leyn, Bill Lamberton and Clint Waldron.  Director Allen Keesen is not pictured.  This photo was taken at the April 14, 2011 PJMD Board Meeting of the Board presenting a plaque to Don Leyn for his service from 2006-2011 as Board Member and Treasurer.   
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