The 2017 Budget and 2015 Audit documents are available below in PDF format.  
    2017 Budget     2015 Audit    
  Other Financial Documents  
       2017 Budget  
       2015 Series-2015 $5,165,000 Bond Documents   Note: Large file will take extra time to download.  
       2015 Sources and Uses of Funds General Obligation Refunding and Tax Free Loan Issue Series-2015  
       2015 General Obligation Refunding and Improvement Bonds Final Closing Memo 2015-06-19  
       2013 Completed Reserve Analysis  
       2012 General Obligation Refunding Notes $3,315,000 Series-A $8,330,000 Series-B 2012-06-13  
  2012-07-24  Board member Bill Lamberton, DA Davidson Senior Vice President Tom Bishop, former Board member Allen Keesen and President Norman Sheldon celebrate the successful refinancing of approximately $12 million of District bonds at a lower interest rate with a long term bank loan.  
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