Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space Stream Reclamation

More than 107 acres of formerly private open space land along Cherry Creek in the City of Centennial was purchased in September 2009. Some of this open space was homesteaded in 1864 and will open for the first time to hikers, runners, cyclists, naturalists and other outdoors enthusiasts.

The site, to be known as Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space, will provide one of the last missing pieces of a permanent regional trail in a 40-mile stretch from Confluence Park in lower downtown Denver to Castlewood Canyon State Park in Douglas County.

The Parker Jordan Metropolitan District acquired the property in two separate transactions. The first in September, 2009 for $2.18 million from the family of Joanne Dransfeldt Fetters and John Fetters Jr., which has owned and farmed the land since 1939. The property annexed by Centennial in 2006, was for 80 acres and the remaining 27 acres was acquired in January, 2010.

On October 15, 2010 the City of Centennial became partners with the District by buying into one-half ownership of all 107 acres. This created the new name for the property now known as the Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space.


This project will dramatically improve the quality of Cherry Creek, the ability to be used by its visitors as well as the safety and stability of the region. The District and City have teamed up with other stakeholders such as Urban Drainage and Flood Control District, Arapahoe County, Southeast Metro Stormwater Authority, Cherry Creek Water Quality Authority and others to make this project a reality.

Construction for the Stream Reclamation commenced in September 2011 and was completed and officially dedicated and opened to the public on August 4, 2012.

Press Release 11/10/2009

Presentation 9/22/2011

Community Planning Meeting 7/11/2012

Community Planning Meeting 8/1/2012

PJCOS 27-Acre Open Space Survey Talley 8/23/2012

For information regarding the artifacts that were discovered as part of the dig in PJCOS, please contact the Overland Trail Museum in Sterling, Colorado.

  August 4, 2012 - Board of Directors/City of Centennial/Arapahoe County/Tagawa Gardens unveil the dedication plaque at the Grand Opening of the PJCOS Centennial Open Space.  (L-R) Nancy Sharpe, Arapahoe County Commissioner,  Ken Lucas, City Council, Cathy Noon, Mayor, Norm Sheldon, President,  Ron Weidmann, City Council,  Clint Waldron, Director,  Keith Gardner, City Council,  Cal Lennon, Director,  Bill Lamberton, Director,  Jim Tagawa, Tagawa Gardens  and Mike Cornelsen, Vice President.  
  August 4, 2012 - Board of Directors/City of Centennial/Arapahoe County celebrate opening of the new interactive kiosk located adjacent to Cherry Creek Trail west of Tagawa Gardens.  (L-R) Norm Sheldon, President of PJMD, Ken Lucas, Centennial Council,  Cal Lennon, Director of PJMD,  Mike Cornelsen, Vice-President of PJMD,  Clint Waldron, Director of PJMD,  Cathy Noon, Centennial City Mayor,  Ron Weidmann, City Council,  Keith Gardner, City Council,  and Nancy Sharpe, Arapahoe County Commissioner.  
  August 4, 2012 – Board of Directors accept their appreciation plaques for their work on the Parker Jordan Metropolitan District Centennial Open Space from 2009-2012.  (L-R) Parker Jordan Metropolitan District Board Members Norm Sheldon, Mike Cornelsen, Bill Lamberton, Cal Lennon and Clint Waldron.  
  July 2012 - Mayor Cathy Noon tests the waters of the newly restored and reclaimed Cherry Creek within the PJCOS.  
  July 2012 - Mayor Cathy Noon tests the waters of the newly restored and reclaimed Cherry Creek within the PJCOS.  
  June 2012 – Board of Directors and consultants review status of the Cherry Creek Stream Reclamation work(L-R)  Ron Lambert, Dan Sheldon, Norm Sheldon, Bob Blodgett and Josh Duncan.  
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