The Parker Jordan Metropolitan District (the “District”) is a governmental entity governed by a five member Board of Directors. The District boundaries are Arapahoe Road (N), Parker Road (E), the Arapahoe/Douglas County line (S) and Jordan Road (W).  These boundaries are shown on the District Map page.  The Colorado Department of Local Affairs estimates a 2014 population of 6,697 in 2,767 households within the District.

The District cooperates with the City of Centennial, City of Aurora, Arapahoe County and SEMSWA to provide major capital improvements to benefit District residents and property owners.  Projects include the Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park, Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space as well as others listed on the Projects index page.

The District is a member of the Colorado Special District Association, which exists to preserve and enhance the legal and political environment for the existence and successful operation of the special district form of government, and to assist special districts to operate efficiently and effectively.

The District was created in 1985 for the purpose of providing streets, safety protection controls, park and recreation facilities, storm, flood and drainage facilities and transportation facilities for the property owners within the District. It encompasses approximately 1,080 acres in southern Arapahoe County.

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  January 3, 2017  DOGS AND OPEN SPACE  
  Please be reminded that no dogs are permitted to run or not be on a leash in the Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space (PJCOS) Area. Dogs are regulated by Section 7-7-410 of the Centennial City Code and may be punished in accordance with Section 7-7-170(e) of the Centennial Municipal Code.  Please contact Bill Bellerdine, Sergeant Centennial Animal Services, at 303.325.8070 or wbellerdine@hsppr.org with any complaints related to off leash dogs in the open space.

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  July 08, 2018 Tagawa Tree Donation  
  September 20, 2016  Happy Canyon Creek Pedestrian Bridge Connection Ribbon Cutting Ceremony.  PJMD contributed $15,000 to the cost of this project completed by Dove Valley MD with ACOS funds and other partners.  
  2016-09-20  President Bill Lamberton, Board Member Troy Burley, Kevin Crehan, DVMD landscape architect, Dove Valley MD President Greg Armstrong, Steve Cohen and Shannon Carter, Director of Arapahoe County Open Spaces.  [More]  
  April 1, 2015  The Arapahoe Library District Bookmobile is located at the following addresses and times:  
  Reserve at South Creek (15611 E. Jamison Drive)
Visits are Tuesdays on 2nd and 4th full week of each month from 2:00-6:00 p.m. (PJMD)
  Courtney Downs (15849 E. Jamison Drive)
Visits are alternating Mondays from 2:00 – 6:00 p.m. (PJMD)
  Centennial East (14400 E. Fremont Avenue)
Visits are on Fridays on the 2nd and 4th full week of each month from 2:00-6:00 p.m. (Dove Valley)

Arapahoe Library District bookmobile at the Broncos Parkway Trailhead (south side of Broncos Parkway, west of Tagawa Gardens) within the PJMD as requested by the Board of Directors.

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