The District partners with the City of Centennial and Arapahoe County to provide major capital improvements to benefit District residents and property owners.  The District's projects are listed by status below or shown by location on the PJCOS Project Map.    
    PJCOS Project Map -2012
    2017 Recreational Trail Construction and Public Access Easement

Trail Connections Update 2017-03-21

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    Parker Jordan Awards and Grants

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    Arapahoe County Open Spaces (ACOS) to maintain PJCOS in 2017

The District and ACOS have reached an agreement for ACOS to maintain PJCOS starting February 1, 2015. This continued for 2016 and 2017. The annual cost will be slightly less than what the District now pays private contractors. ACOS presently maintains the Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park to the north and the 17 Mile House property to the south as well as hundreds of additional acres throughout the County. The Board recognized that PJMD did not have the expertise or experience that ACOS has in maintaining open space parcels like PJCOS.

The Board is pleased to announce that they have renewed the maintenance agreement with ACOS for 2017. They have done an excellent job maintaining PJCOS on behalf of PJMD and the City of Centennial. Attached is the IGA governing the work for 2017.

It is possible that the County may purchase or otherwise accept PJMD’s 50% share of PJCOS in a future year. The Board believes that the County is the best qualified public entity to eventually own and operate PJCOS for the long term benefit of PJMD taxpayers, the Cherry Creek corridor and the region.

PJMD-IGA Arapahoe County PJCOS Agreement First Amendment-2017-01-01

PJMD-IGA Arapahoe County PJCOS Agreement 2015-02-15

    Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space (PJCOS)

In 2009 the District purchased 107 acres of Open Space, including Cherry Creek between Broncos Parkway and the 17-Mile House. In 2010 the City of Centennial became a joint 50% owner with the District. The property was renamed Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space (PJCOS). The District serves as the managing partner for maintenance of PJCOS.

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    The Cherry Creek Basin Working Group is made up of more than 15 municipalities and organizations in Arapahoe, Denver and Douglas Counties, all working together to better serve the open space, park and trail needs of the Cherry Creek Watershed.

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PJMD IGA with City of Centennial (PJCOS)

PJMD IGA with City of Centennial (PJCOS) 2017-12-11
PJMD IGA with City of Centennial (PJCOS) First Amendment 2015-04-21
PJMD IGA with City of Centennial (PJCOS) 2010-06-2



The Chronology of Cooperative Projects with Arapahoe County and other government entities1988-2013 provides additional project information and can be viewed online, printed or saved in PDF format.

Chronology of Cooperative Projects



Resolution of the Board of Directors Concerning Annual Administrative Matters 2018

PJMD 2018 Annual Administrative Matter


    Resolution of the Board of Directors regarding the imposition of facility fees.

PJMD Imposition of Facility Fee Resolution 2006-02-16

    Resolution of the Board of Directors regarding the District Reimbursement Policy.

PJMD Reimbursement Policy 2012-10-16


  Under Construction          
  The following projects have been approved by the Board, funded, and are currently in process.
  Recreational Trail Construction and Public Access Easement       [Details]  
  Pending Construction          
  The following projects have been approved by the Board, funded, designed but are not yet under construction.
  None at this time          
  Under Design          
  None at this time          
  Pending Design          
  The board is discussing a potential Regional Community Facility that might contain a small community center, pool, park and trail connections. The facility would possibly be located along the Jordan Road corridor between the Arapahoe/Douglas County Line and Broncos Parkway. The estimated cost is in the range of $5-7 million dollars.

The Cottonwood Metropolitan District and E470 Potomac Metropolitan District have been approached to participate. Each of these Districts will require a mill levy and debt increase election in November 2015 if the project moves forward.

The PJMD Board has allocated some planning/site analysis/concept design funds in the 2015 budget to continue the discussion. No final decisions have yet been made regarding this potential facility.

December 18, 2012 Board Meeting

After discussion, upon motion made and unanimously approved, the Board decided to table any future action on the proposed CCP at Sites 1, 2 and 3. The Board decided to hold a planning work session in early 2013 to discuss future projects and priorities for the District and the usage of available cash reserves. This could include lowering taxes, escrowing excess funds in the Debt Service Fund to retire debt earlier, other major infrastructure projects, developer reimbursements, or parks and recreation projects/other amenities for the businesses and residents.

The Board discussed the possibility of a Sub District or a separate Parks and Recreation overlay District to accomplish a future community center and pool project to be paid for by those residents directly benefiting from the project. Mr. Kron will provide additional information on these entities to the Board for review.

  Happy Canyon Creek Pedestrian Bridge Connection
PJMD contributed $15,000 to the cost of this project completed by Dove Valley MD with ACOS funds and other partners.
    2016 [Details]  
  Red Hawk Ridge Elementary School Playground Improvements     2015 [Details]  
  Ladera Connection – will provide a concrete and possibly a soft surface trail to connect the Ladera project to the existing concrete trail at the northwest corner of PJCOS. Construction was completed in Spring 2014. Estimated cost is $44,000. $44,000   2014    
  27-Acre Open Space     2014 [Details]  
  Arapahoe Road Low Water Crossing Bridge     2012 [Details]  

Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space Amenities     2012 [Details]  
  Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space Stream Reclamation     2012 [Details]  
  Cherry Creek Regional Trail $164,000   2010 [Details]  
  Tagawa Access Road


  2010 [Details]  
  Broncos Parkway Trailhead $655,892   2010 [Details]  
  Cherry Creek Valley Ecological Park $579,000   2001 [Details]  
  Area Projects by Other Entities  
  Arapahoe Road Over Cherry Creek Bridge     2013 - 2015 [Details]  
  Arapahoe Road Trailhead (Arapahoe County)
Est. Cost: $ 1,000,000   Est.Completion Date: Fall 2016
    2016 [Details]  
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